Unveiling Honda’s 2024 Revolution: SC Concept, Fireblade Marvels, and More! Your Ultimate Guide to Thrilling Motorcycle Innovation – Click Now for a Journey Beyond Imagination!

Good morning to each person, and thank you for joining us once again on our annual Honda press convention here at ikma. It’s an exceptional pleasure to give you the first look at the numerous new and exciting models joining our lineup for 2024. We are delighted to have with us two of our top executives, Noriaki Abbe, responsible for our global motorcycle business, and Katua UDA, president and director of Pond Moto Europe. Welcome to both of them. Thank you, Abis San and Audan.

  • This morning, I’m very pleased to announce that we have a concept version of the next electric model destined for Europe, the SC concept. Our first new model for 2024 is our baby Fireblade, the CBR 500 R. Ladies and gentlemen, the Fireblade is taking another massive breakthrough this year with changes driven by input from Ponder Racing Corporation.
  • There’s a new crankcase, crankshaft, and com rods, together with revised valve timings and gear ratios, bringing added mid-range performance alongside the huge top-end power of 160 KW. The new CBR 1000 RRR Fireblades SP is another exciting addition before the Fireblade gained that third R in its name.
  • There was another rrnr lineup, and now it’s coming back. Ladies and gentlemen, the CB R 600RR. We’re sure that it offers something very unique, both to those who remember it fondly from the past and younger riders looking for their next step up the ladder, and of course, race teams in notable sports paddocks across Europe.
  • Welcome back to a real high-revving middleweight gem of a motorcycle, the CBR 600 RR. Of course, there’s another 4-cylinder CBR in our range, the CBR 650r, and we also have some exciting news for this beautiful machine. Both the CBR 650r and the redesigned CB 650r NEOS Sports Cafe Naked Bike will be available with our new Honda e-clutch technology.
  • Today is the first chance for European journalists, dealers, and the public to see this new version of our Africa Twin Adventure Sports. For 2024, we’re bringing back the iconic NX naming. It’s another familiar Honda name reimagined and brought up to date for a new generation of riders. Ladies and gentlemen, the NX500. Thank you once again, and have a great time here at ikma, the number one motorcycle show in the world. Thank you.


In the annual Honda press conference at ikma, executives unveiled exciting models for 2024, including the SC concept, an electric model for Europe, and the CBR 500 R Fireblade. The Fireblade showcased significant advancements with input from Ponder Racing Corporation, featuring a new crankcase, crankshaft, and com rods for enhanced performance. The CB R 600RR made a comeback, appealing to both nostalgic riders and those seeking a high-revving middleweight gem. Noteworthy additions include the CBR 650r and CB 650r NEOS with Honda’s new e-clutch technology. The presentation concluded with the introduction of the NX500 and CB 1000 Hornet, offering an extensive and diverse lineup for motorcycle enthusiasts.