IKMA 2023 Showstoppers! BMW, Honda, CF Moto, and More – The Hottest Bikes Revealed!

Welcome back! We’ve just returned from IKMA, and man, it was a good year. There were loads of super new bikes that we featured on the channel. However, obviously, being one of these huge shows, there are some that we overlooked. In this video, I will give you a complete list of our favorite choices from every major manufacturer, going in alphabetical order and scoring the STS along the way.

  • First up, we’ve got Ailia, and they had some quality stuff on the stand. There were a couple of race-prepped Twareg 660 adventure bikes that caught my eye, along with some Moto GP bikes. But the real big attraction was their new middleweight sports motorcycle, the RS 457. It’s a smaller-capacity alternative to their already successful RS 660. This one looks pretty sweet, with about 47 horsepower, 158 kg dry weight, and a nice-looking chassis with various rider modes and a TFT display.
  • Now, let’s move on to Benelli. Their stand is always great at IKMA—simple and easy, with hundreds of motorcycles for people to sit on. This year, they had a whole host of new bikes, including the parallel-twin-powered Twister sports bikes, available in 300, 400, and 500 versions. There was also a naked model of the 500, a new 30 horsepower single-cylinder BRX 300S, and the TRK 702X, which looked absolutely amazing. Given the sheer volume of new bikes, it’s got to be an A+ for Benelli.
  • Next up, Bota. With Kawasaki recently acquiring a significant stake in them, they’ve been applying cool Italian styling to existing Kawasaki bikes. The new Terra, announced at the show, makes almost 200 horsepower and is built upon the supercharged Ninja H2SX. It features a unique front end that separates braking, turning, and suspension forces for better handling and ride quality. With an increased turning angle of 35°, it’s a practical improvement, and I’ll give them an A for Bota.
  • Despite having loads of new bikes to show off, BMW didn’t have a stand at IKMA this year—an instant F. However, CF Moto had a banging year with all sorts of new bikes, including the 450 MT, a great-looking mid-to-small-capacity adventure motorcycle, and the MTX concept with a new 100 horsepower 675 triple-cylinder engine. With a variety of customs, concepts, and production models, it’s an A+ for CF Moto for ticking almost every box.
  • Ducati, as usual, ran their global premieres building up to IKMA, with several bikes announced in the months prior. Standouts include the Multistrada V4 GT, the V4 RS, the anniversary edition of the Monster, and the Hyper Motard 69A. The latter, voted the most beautiful bike of the show, packs a punchy new single-cylinder engine, making it one of the most anticipated bikes of the new model year. An AA for Ducati for a strong showing.
  • Harley-Davidson, on the other hand, didn’t have a stand at IKMA or the upcoming Motorcycle Live, earning them a solid F. Honda, however, showcased eight new motorcycles, with the CB Hornet receiving a new styling job, updates to the Fireblade SP, an updated 500 lineup, new 650s, and the unveiling of the new Africa Twins. With a variety of customs and race bikes, Honda gets a big A+.
  • Moving on to Husqvarna, they were there, but they didn’t have anything new. The Norden 901 got a minor update, mostly in terms of new paint. So, it’ll have to be a C for Husqvarna this time.
  • Indian Motorcycle didn’t have a stand this year, but they did announce a new limited edition of the FTR Carbon in collaboration with 100%, which looked pretty cool. However, it was showcased on the 100% stand, so that’s an F2 for Indian.
  • As for KTM, they did have a stand and introduced the 990 Duke, which looks decent with more power, chassis remodel, and a different visual design for the front end and headlight. The downside is the significant price hike, making it an overall decent but expensive choice.

In conclusion, IKMA 2023 had its highs and lows, with some brands stealing the show and others missing the mark. It’s always exciting to see the motorcycle industry evolve and introduce new models, and we can’t wait to see how these bikes perform on the road. Stay tuned for more in-depth reviews and coverage of these bikes in the coming weeks!